The Multinational History
of Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory

(André HECK, Editor)

(Springer, Dordrecht - 1-4020-3643-4)

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Table of contents

(pp. vii-viii)

Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory and its Multinational History
(A. Heck/Obs. Strasbourg)
(pp. 1-61)

Strasbourg Observatory in German Times 
(G. Wolfschmidt/Univ. Hamburg)
(pp. 63-87)

The Observatory of the Kaiser-Wilhelm University:
The People Behind the Documents
(H.W. Duerbeck/VUB)
(pp. 89-122)

Strasbourg Observatory in World War II
(H.W. Duerbeck/VUB)
(pp. 123-132)

Strasbourg Observatory:
A Breeding Place for French Astronomical
Instrumentation in the 20th Century
(S. Débarbat/Obs. Paris)
(pp. 133-151)

Walter F. Wislicenus and Modern Astronomical Bibliography
(H.W. Duerbeck/VUB)
(pp. 153-165)

The Nebular Research of Carl Wirtz
(H.W. Duerbeck/VUB & W.C. Seitter/Univ. Muenster)
(pp. 167-187)

Paul Muller (1910-2000)
(P. Bacchus/Univ. Lille)
(pp. 189-190)

Vistas into the CDS Genesis
(A. Heck/Obs. Strasbourg)
(pp. 191-209)

The Stellar Data Center:
Origins and Early Beginnings (1972-1974)
(J. Jung/Thales)
(pp. 211-214)

The Hipparcos Project at Strasbourg Observatory
(J. Kovalevsky/Obs. Côte d'Azur)
(pp. 215-219)

Strasbourg Observatory and the Astronomische Gesellschaft
(W. Seggewiss/Univ.-Sternw. Bonn)
(pp. 221-225)

Strasbourg Observatory, Astronomical Phenomena
and the Regional Press
(W. Bodenmuller/DNA & A. Heck/Obs. Strasbourg)
(pp. 227-244)

The Coronelli Globe of Strasbourg Observatory
(A. Heck/Obs. Strasbourg)
(pp. 245-254)

Strasbourg Green Rays
(A. Heck/Obs. Strasbourg)
(pp. 255-261)

Strasbourg Observatory Council Members
(A. Heck & Ch. Bruneau/Obs. Strasbourg)
(pp. 263-269)

CDS Council Members
(Ch. Bruneau & A. Heck/Obs. Strasbourg)
(pp. 271-275)

Strasbourg Observatory Scientific Personnel
(B. Traut, A. Heck/Obs. Strasbourg & H.W. Duerbeck/VUB)
(pp. 277-292)

Strasbourg Observatory Institutional Publications
(Ph. Vonflie & A. Heck/Obs. Strasbourg)
(pp. 293-310)

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