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Well located, this hotel has been visited three times, but my third stay there might be the last one ever.
If I got the type of accommodation requested (non-smoking one-bedroom apartment, King bed, highest floor, quiet side and reasonably away from the elevators), it appeared quickly that the bathroom was strongly stinking. A maid who happened to show up just after my arrival in order to check toiletries claimed that this was coming from the wet floor carpet outside the bathroom door and that she would request someone come to shampoo it.
When I returned in the late evening, it was obvious that nobody had come meanwhile. I also ascertained that the smell was coming from the bathroom, not from the floor of the small corridor. But I was by then too tired to start a "moving" process, not knowing either whether some other room would be available. The floor carpet in front of the bathroom was indeed wet, heavily soaked actually as a result of a conception mistake: the bathroom floors have to be lower, not higher, than the surrounding ones.
But the floor carpet in the bedroom was also wet, especially near the window. A leak from the air conditioning outlet? The two a/c outlets (bedroom and salon) were actually old in line with the stained and scratched furniture of the apartment and were not up to the task. As a consequence, I did not sleep well, nor much, and was fully awake by about 03:00.
When I attempted to do some coffee as a boost to get some work done, it appeared that the coffee/teapot in the room did not work. I tried to get another one by calling several times the Guest Services, but nobody bothered to answer.
Weary and depressed, I decided to leave early, disregarding the breakfast included in the rate. I was on the road by about 04:30. Reservations made for later dates at that hotel were cancelled.
It is fair to add that the hotel credited my spg account of additional miles after receiving my report.
(31 July 2016)

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