André HECK - Publication statistics

As of Fall 2014 ("retirement" from Strasbourg Observatory):
- just over 1600 publications (including 135 so-called "refereed papers"),
- in eight languages,
- ranging from half-page notes to volumes of about 1500 pages.

Out of these,
- 1181 publications under own name or pen name only (about 75%),
- 420 publications in collaboration (1108 repetitive co-authors/editors).

In terms of pages:
- more than 149,100 pages (over 90% under own or pen name only),
- an average of over 90 pages per publication (reflecting the weighting influence of books).

Astrophysics Data System (2010):

``The Smithsonian/NASA Astrophysics Data System is the dominant bibliographic resource
for the professional astronomical literature worldwide; it contains a record for nearly
every modern astronomy article, and the vast majority of the historical literature.
By the ADS measure, André Heck (with a current normalized paper score of 800)
is the most published author in the history of astronomy;
his output exceeds the entirety of many entire departments."

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