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This hotel, formerly the Westin Market Street, had changed name with a new ownership. During my previous stay (when Westin), I had been accommodated in Room 3625, on the top floor.
This time, I stayed in Room 2725 (with views over Market & Mission Streets up) after refusing a so-called upgrade that -- once more in an spg facility -- was ignoring my registered profile, the room offered having a connecting door, something I had also requested to avoid when booking (as acknowledged by the receptionist). This can be seen as another instance when so-called upgrades are in fact downgrades, suiting facilities and ignoring the customer profiles and expressed requirements.
The room was an end-of-corridor corner one with triangular shape, but with enough space to move around. There was a large TV screen, a coffee machine (three packs of coffee daily), a ironing set, two bottles of water provided daily, but no refrigerator. The curtains were not blocking the light fully, especially in the late afternoons with the Sun on that side. Internet was free, but slow.
Housekeeping was ok, but I must say there was a long time I did not get shower towels with holes in them! The temperature of the shower water was sometimes varying strongly.
The MaSo restaurant was quite ok for breakfast.
Overall, the place was basically quiet, although sirens, workers, and street noises were sometimes perceptible.
(08 September 2016)

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