Organizations and Strategies in Astronomy - Vol. 2

(André HECK, Editor)

(Kluwer Academic Publishers -- ISBN 0-7923-7172-0)

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Paul and Marie Stroobant Prize 2007

Table of contents

(A. Blaauw)
(pp. i-iii)

(pp. 1-8)

Strategies for Bringing a 19th-Century Observatory
up to the Standards of 21st-Century Astronomy
(M. Golay, Obs. Genève)
(pp. 9-28)

A New Experiment for Indian Universities
(J.V. Narlikar, Inter-Univ. Ctre Astron. Astrophys.)
(pp. 29-45)

Background and Achievements
of UN/ESA Workshops on Basic Space Science 1991-2001
(H.J. Haubold, UN Outer Space Office)
(pp. 47-64)

Organising and Funding Research at a European Level
(A. Mayer, European Science Foundation)
(pp. 65-82)

EC Optical Infrared Coordination Network for Astronomy
(G. Gilmore, Cambridge Inst. Astron.)
(pp. 83-102)

Coordinating Multiple Observatory Campaigns
(K.A. Peterson et al., Space Telescope Sc. Inst.)
(pp. 103-120)

New Strategies in Ground-Based Observing
(I. Robson, Joint Astron. Ctre)
(pp. 121-137)

Large Surveys in Cosmology: 
The Changing Sociology
(O. Lahav, Cambridge Inst. Astron.)
(pp. 139-147)

The ESO Observing Programmes Committee
(J. Breysacher, European Southern Obs.
& Chr. Waelkens, Kath. Univ. Leuven)
(pp. 149-162)

Astronomical Software Strategies
(K. Shortridge, Anglo-Australian Obs.)
(pp. 163-178)

Scientometrics: The Research Field and its Journal
(A. Schubert, Hungarian Acad. Sc.)
(pp. 179-195)

Comments on Refereeing
(H.A. Abt, Kitt Peak Ntl. Obs.)
(pp 197-205)

Communicating and Networking in Astronomy Libraries
(U. Grothkopf, European Southern Obs.
& M. Cummins, Univ. Toronto)
(pp. 207-219)

Editing the Encyclopaedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics
(P. Murdin, PPARC & British National Space Centre)
(pp. 221-228)

Editing a Multilingual Astronomy Magazine
(N. Cramer, Obs. Genève)
(pp. 229-238)

Working with the Media:
The Royal Astronomical Society Experience
(J. Mitton, Royal Astron. Soc.)
(pp. 239-256)

Creativity in Arts and Sciences: A Survey
(A. Heck, Strasbourg Astron. Obs.)
(pp. 257-268)

Bibliography of Socio-Astronomy
(pp. 269-280)

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