Organizations and Strategies in Astronomy - Vol. 7

(André HECK, Editor)

(Springer -- ISBN 1-4020-5300-2)

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Paul and Marie Stroobant Prize 2007

Table of contents

(R.M. Bonnet/ISSI)
(pp. ix-xi)

(pp. 1-12)

British Astronomy 
(P. Murdin/Inst. Astron. Cambridge & RAS)
(pp. 13-48)

Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Physics in Greece
(V. Charmandaris/Univ. Crete)
(pp. 49-69)

Astronomy in Ukraine
(Ya.V. Pavlenko/MAO et al.)
(pp. 71-96)

Focussing European Astronomy
-- ESO's Role in the `Comeback' of European Astronomy
(C. Cesarsky & C. Madsen/ESO)
(pp. 97-113)

The International Space Science Institute (ISSI)
-- An Interview with Roger M. Bonnet
(pp. 115-124)

The International Space University (ISU)
(W. Peeters/ISU)
(pp. 125-153)

EuroPlaNet: European Planetology Network
(M. Blanc/CESR et al.)
(pp. 155-170)

RadioNet: Advanced Radio Astronomy Across Europe
(A.G. Gunn/JBO)
(pp. 171-180)

Selecting and Scheduling Observing Proposals at NRAO Telescopes 
(D. Hogg/NRAO)
(pp. 181-201)

Selecting and Scheduling Observations at the IRAM Observatories
(M. Grewing/IRAM)
(pp. 203-225)

Selecting, Scheduling and Carrying out Observing Programmes at CFHT
(Chr. Veillet/CFHT)
(pp. 227-239)

The Scholarly Journals of the American Astronomical Society
(R.W. Milkey/AAS)
(pp. 241-261)

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
(P. Murdin/RAS)
(pp. 263-272)

Astronomy & Astrophysics
-- A Journal of Astronomers for Astronomers
(G. Meynet/Geneva Obs.)
(pp. 273-283)

LISA - The Library and Information Services in Astronomy Conferences
(B. Corbin/USNO & U. Grothkopf/ESO)
(pp. 285-306)

The ADS Success Story
-- An Interview with Günther Eichhorn
(pp. 307-314)

The Progressive World Penetration 
of the Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center (1970-1990)
(A. Heck/Strasbourg Obs.)
(pp. 315-354)

The Genesis of the IAU WG on Astronomical Data
(G.A. Wilkins/Univ. Exeter)
(pp. 355-366)

Biographical Sources for Astronomers
(W.R. Dick)
(pp. 367-382)

German Astronomy in the Third Reich
(H.W. Duerbeck/VUB)
(pp. 383-413)

The Psychology of Physical Science
(G.J. Feist/UCD)
(pp. 415-418)

Thinking Like an Astronomer
(M.E. Gorman/Univ. Virginia)
(pp. 419-428)

Mercury Magazine: The Incarnation of a Society
(J.C. White II/Gettysburg Coll.)
(pp. 429-437)

Sterne und Weltraum
-- A Popular Magazine Devoted to Science
and its Use in School Teaching
(J. Staude/MPIA)
(pp. 439-448)

Communicating Astronomy with the Public and the Washington Charter
(I. Robson/UK ATC)
(pp. 449-461)

Communicating X-Ray Astronomy
(M. Watzke/Chandra X-Ray Ctr)
(pp. 463-476)

Establishing an Effective Education and Public Outreach Program
at Gemini Observatory -- A Case Study
(P. Michaud/Gemini Obs.)
(pp. 477-493)

Public Outreach at The University of Texas McDonald Observatory
-- A Brief History and Current Overview
(S.L. Preston/McDonald Obs.)
(pp. 495-516)

The Europlanetarium Genk 
-- The Story of a Planetarium
(Chr. Janssen/Europlan.)
(pp. 517-535)

The INSAP V Experience on Art and Astronomy
(M. Bolt/Adler Planetarium)
(pp. 537-541)

What Does the New Climate for Dialogue and Debate
Mean for Communicating Astronomy?
(St. Miller/UCL)
(pp. 543-552)

Communicating Astronomy
-- Successes and Limits
(P. Murdin/Inst. Astron. Cambridge)
(pp. 553-563)

Bibliography of Socio-Astronomy
(pp. 565-594)

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