Organizations and Strategies in Astronomy - Vol. 4

(André HECK, Editor)

(Kluwer Academic Publishers -- ISBN 1-4020-1526-7)

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Paul and Marie Stroobant Prize 2007

Table of contents

(D. McNally/Univ. Hertfordshire)
(pp. vii-xii)

(pp. 1-12)

The ESA Experience
(R.M. Bonnet/ISSI)
(pp. 13-25)

The Astronomer's Pocket Guide to Astrobiology
(G.D. McDonald & M.C. Storrie-Lombardi/Kinohi Inst.)
(pp. 27-36)

Light Pollution Control:
World-Wide Effects of and Efforts to Reduce Light Pollution
(H.E. Schwarz/CTIO)
(pp. 37-57)

Strategies for Protecting Radio Astronomy
(R.J. Cohen/Jodrell Bank Obs.)
(pp. 59-74)

A Brief History of the Controversy Surrounding 
the Mount Graham International Observatory
(L. Sage/Univ. Maryland)
(pp. 75-91)

Outreach at Kitt Peak Visitor Center:
Techniques for Engaging the Public at a Major Observatory
(D. Isbell & R. Fedele/KPNO)
(pp. 93-104)

Practical Popular Communication of Astronomy
(L.L. Christensen/HEIC)
(pp. 105-142)

The Société Astronomique de France
in the Astronomical Landscape: Evolution and Prospects
(R. Ferlet/IAP)
(pp. 143-155)

Use and Misuse of Web Downloads -- A Personal View
(C.M. Boily/Strasbourg Obs.)
(pp. 157-170)

The GAVRT Partnership:
Bringing the Universe to K-12 Classrooms
(J.P. Roller/LCER & M.J. Klein/JPL)
(pp. 171-187)

Activities in Astronomy Education
of the International Astronomical Union
(S. Isobe/NAOJ)
(pp. 189-196)

The Institute for Scientific Information
and the Science Citation Index
(H.A. Abt/KPNO)
(pp. 197-204)

The Observatory Magazine:
Linking Three Centuries
(D.J. Stickland/RAL)
(pp. 205-220)

Organizing and Managing American Astronomical Society Meetings
-- From Preparation and Plans to Science Presentations
(D.T. Alexander/AAS)
(pp. 221-238)

Organization and Goals of the European Astronomical Society
(H. Butcher/ASTRON)
(pp. 239-243)

The Selection of Tenured Astronomers in France
(G.A. Mamon/IAP)
(pp. 245-263)

The Changing Landscape of Italian Astronomy
(V. Castellani/Rome Obs.)
(pp. 265-283)

A Canadian Vision of International Astronomy and Astrophysics
(A.J. Carty/NRCC)
(pp. 285-303)

Bibliography of Socio-Astronomy
(pp. 305-325)

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