Organizations and Strategies in Astronomy - Vol. 5 (+ CD)

(André HECK, Editor)

(Kluwer Academic Publishers -- ISBN 1-4020-2570-X)

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Paul and Marie Stroobant Prize 2007

Table of contents

(C. Pilachowski/Indiana Univ.)
(pp. vii-x)

(pp. 1-9)

Astronomy in Antarctica
(M.G. Burton/Univ. New South Wales)
(pp. 11-37)

Optical Astronomy in Post-Apartheid South Africa: 1994 to 2004
(P.A. Whitelock/SAAO)
(pp. 39-60)

The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC):
Its Role in Leading the Development of Spanish Astrophysics
(F. Sánchez/IAC)
(pp. 61-82)

The Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes
from a Historic Perspective
(R. Rutten & J. Méndez/ING)
(pp. 83-102)

Astronomy in Ireland
(E.J.A. Meurs/Dunsink Obs.)
(pp. 103-122)

Switzerland towards ESA and ESO:
Diversity, Perseverance, and Diplomacy
-- An Interview with Marcel Golay
(pp. 123-140)

Observing in Service Mode:
The Experience at the European Southern Observatory
(F. Comerón/ESO)
(pp. 141-158)

The  International Earth Rotation and 
Reference Systems Service (IERS)
(W.R. Dick & B. Richter/IERS)
(pp. 159-168)

Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Cosmology
in the Max Planck Society
(J. Trümper/MPE)
(pp. 169-187)

Statistics on Women in the IAU Membership
(S. Débarbat/Obs. Paris)
(pp. 189-195)

The A&A Experience with Impact Factors
(Aa. Sandqvist/Stockholm Obs.)
(pp. 197-201)

The Public Impact of the Hubble Space Telescope:
A Case Study
(C.A. Christian/STScI)
(pp. 203-216)

Astronomy for Blind and Visually-Impaired People
(N.A. Grice/YCDA)
(pp. 217-231)

Popularization of Astronomy in the Netherlands
(C. de Jager/NIOZ & M. Drummen/St. De Koepel)
(pp. 233-258)

Ludek Pesek's Role as Space Artist
(N. Cramer/Obs. Genève)
[This chapter goes with a CD]
(pp. 259-272)

Ruminations on the Evolving Universe and a Creator God
(G.V. Coyne/Vatican Obs.)
(pp. 273-286)

Bibliography of Socio-Astronomy
(pp. 287-309)

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