Hotels round the world - Novotel/Montpellier

This is a hotel that could have all the praise wanted (Novotel quality, right on a highway exit, etc.), but my fifth stay there might be the last one ever.
The truth is that I never got there a room as requested. For that last stay for instance, instead of a quiet room, I got one on the top floor next to the elevators and their clicking engines. Instead of a room overlooking the parking (quieter and opposite to the afternoon sun), I got one overlooking the swimming pool/commercial area and with an a/c unable to refresh the room. Add the fact that the curtain could not stop the light from a bright spot illuminating the hotel sign on the roof and that the remaining smoker smell has to be removed by my own spray [the maid promised to do it, but did nothing].
It seems obvious that the main activity of the place is to organize seminars (you will be lucky to find a parking slot if arriving in the afternoon). The receptionist on duty for that last visit gave clearly the feeling he was bothered by the overnighters (or was he taking them for idiots?). He did not credit my airline mileage either.
Be also careful with the online reservation system as it will book a room for two even if you are alone. Breakfasts will be automatically charged, so check whether this is ok before handing over your plastic money.
(22 April 2007)

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