Hotels round the world - Novotel Beaune

I have been using that hotel quite a few times in the past (with my standard "reg" rating), but my last stay there was disappointing.
The hotel had undergone some renovation since my previous visit.
The basic concept is unchanged, but the working space has been reduced to a lilliputian table barely able to host a laptop and a piece of paper.
The room walls are now covered with non-senses that will age quickly.
One seat only. A second person has to sit on the floor or on the bed.
Btw, the standard reception desk has disappeared from the lobby and you will be lucky to find the receptionists, potentially busy with other customers on a side table near the entrance.
The prices went up, possibly to compensate the money wasted in lunacies from hotel architects disconnected from the realities of business travelling.
All in all, as a business traveller precisely, I will think twice before going back to that place.
(8 July 2019)

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