Information Handling in Astronomy

(André HECK, Editor)

(Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht - ISBN 0-7923-6494-5)

See also the historically-oriented companion volume.

Table of contents

(pp. vii-x)

Information in astronomy: The role of the IAU
(J. Andersen, International Astronomical Union)
(pp. 1-12)

Astronomy and the news media
(S.P. Maran, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center,
 L.R. Cominsky, Sonoma State University &
 L.A. Marschall, Gettysburg College)
(pp. 13-24)

Public outreach in astronomy: The ESO experience
(C. Madsen & R.M. West, European Southern Observatory)
(pp. 25-43)

New frontiers in NASA data management
(C. Cheung & D. Leisawitz, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
(pp. 45-63)

The FITS experience: Lessons learned
(D.C. Wells, National Radio Astronomy Observatory)
(pp. 65-72)

The use of the IRAF system at NOAO
(G.H. Jacoby & D. Tody, National Optical Astronomical Observatory)
(pp. 73-92)

Starlink: Astronomical computing in the United Kingdom
(P.T. Wallace & R.F. Warren-Smith, CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)
(pp. 93-108)

Computer-assisted context analysis of databases containing scientific literature
(R. Albrecht, Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility)
(pp. 109-119)

Computational astronomy: Current directions and future perspectives
(F. Murtagh, Queen's University of Belfast)
(pp. 121-134)

Information handling for the Hubble Space Telescope
(R.J. Hanisch, Space Telescope Science Institute)
(pp. 135-153)

To be editor in chief of a primary scientific journal:
From manual work to electronic publication
(J. Lequeux, Paris Observatory)
(pp. 155-164)

Astronomy libraries 2000:
Context, coordination, cooperation
(U. Grothkopf, European Southern Observatory)
(pp. 165-174)

Astronomy education: Description, organization, and information
(J.R. Percy, University of Toronto)
(pp. 175-185)

Astronomy teaching at the Open University
(A.J. Norton, B.W. Jones & U.C. Kolb, Open University)
(pp. 187-193)

The role of the planetarium
(C.C. Petersen & M.C. Petersen, Loch Ness Productions)
(pp. 195-204)

Data handling in the AAVSO:
An example from a large organization of amateur astronomers
(J.A. Mattei & E.O. Waagen, American Association of Variable Star Observers)
(pp. 205-222)

From data files to information hubs:
Beyond technologies and methodologies
(A. Heck, Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory)
(pp. 223-242)

See also the historically-oriented companion volume.

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