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This page gathers together hotels and accommodations round the world visited over the past few years during mostly professional trips. It is definitely not exhaustive.
Codes: "ok" = quite happy to go back there, "reg" = regular for price paid, "bof" = if really nowhere else to go, "room" = for some reason, another room had to be requested, "charges" = imaginary expenses charged the credit card account, "points" = missing points on the hotel fidelity scheme. The other comments are explicit. Figures in brackets give the number of stays at specific places. "Several" means over 3 stays. The rating corresponds to the last stay.
Accommodation has often been in single rooms and the ratings correspond to a personal experience. Remember that hotels sometimes change name or brand, undergo renovation, or simply evolve for the better or for the worse, some quickly, others slowly -- and that there are many reasons for returning or for not returning to the same place. Therefore no dates have been given below. Please note that we are not in a position to answer requests for detailed comments nor to mail any kind of documentation.
A recent fashion worldwide has been the introduction of so-called Executive Rooms. These are often nothing else but regular rooms with the addition of a few gimmicks such as cheap toiletry items, free bottle of water, sometimes slippers and/or a bathrobe, while the price of such rooms (not always available at high floors) is significantly higher. It is then advisable to compare carefully the characteristics of each rooms (size, location, equipment, etc.) before making a choice. The number of such rooms is often limited, so it is not always possible to get all room requirements satisfied (floor level, quiet side, distance to elevators, etc.). According my experience, no hotel will tell of such cases in advance (just by fear of cancellation), so be ready to some compromise upon arrival.
Beware also upgrades, not unfrequently done by deliberately ignoring the customer profile and sometimes offered towards rooms or suites poorly located (low floors, no views, vicinity of elevators or outside noise sources, etc.). Free Internet can also be a source of irritation. If you really intend to do some work implying heavy Internet usage, consider paying for a reliable and satisfactory service.
Toiletries might be an issue in case of multinight stays. While in most places, toiletries are renewed for the subsequent nights, they are not in some others. It is then difficult to say whether this is just oversight, hotel policy, or whether the housekeeping people are retaining those things for themselves, kids or friends. Our bottomline is that, if there is no discount for staying several nights, the rooms should be furnished everyday in the same way.


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Notes on Novotels:
-- their reservation system was taking per default two persons per room; so change this to one in case of single occupancy, otherwise you will pay for two;
-- breakfasts were automatically charged by the billing system, so make sure to rectify this if some breakfasts have not been taken.
Too many incidents and inconsistencies kept me away from some of these hotels in recent times, in spite of some definitely positive features (usually ample enclosed and monitored parking lots, entrance sas to rooms in most hotels, etc.).


Note: Many hotels in Germany use a duvet ("couette") as bed cover. Sometimes however the body is barely covered. When the situation has been found really bad, the hotel has been flagged with "(bed)". If you travel by car, bring your own blankets!

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Note: All hotels in Spain are noisy (sometimes because of light construction, but more frequently because it is no part of local habits to behave quietly in hotel rooms nor corridors, with guests retiring late, often after midnight). Thus the stays flagged hereafter as noisy have been particularly noisy ...

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