Hotels round the world - Holiday Inn Toulouse Airport

The rooms assigned for the first stays were nice, clean and large, on the top floor.
The story has been different for the last stay. In spite of booking a "Deluxe Room" which should have resulted in getting a room similar to the first stays, I got an obviously overused small room on a lower floor, dressed as an "Executive Room" with a few gadgets. Also contrarily to the earlier stays when access to the outside world via Internet was straightforward, I had to play for about half an hour with multiple laptop reboots before succeeding. Curtains were not closing properly and it has been necessary to let the water run for more than 20min in the morning to get a somehow lukewarm liquid. Admitedly some contruction works were taking place at the hotel, so the issue was also a matter of transparency: it should have been clear when booking that "Deluxe Rooms" were not available.
E-mails to the hotel management and to IGH remained unanswered.
(10 June 2013)

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