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Recent papers:
Journeys of a Coronelli Celestial Globe [October 2020]
Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory Scientific Personnel [Update: December 2020]

Twelve papers on varied matters: (see also the books and other links below):
+ A Matter of Quality of Life, of DOBEs and MEEPs, of Appropriate Recognition, of Targeted Information
      in Organizations, People and Strategies in Astronomy - Vol. 2 (OPSA 2) (2013) 1-14
+ Eine Sternwarte als Spielball der Politik (mit Volker Witt)
      in Sterne und Weltraum (2012/2) 82-88
+ Historical Examples of Lobbying: The Case of Strasbourg Astronomical Observatories
      in Organizations, People and Strategies in Astronomy - Vol. 1 (OPSA 1) (2012) 295-318
+ A Matter of Continuity, of People, of Ethics, of Vision
      in Organizations, People and Strategies in Astronomy - Vol. 1 (OPSA 1) (2012) 1-13
+ L'observatoire astronomique de l'Académie de Strasbourg (XIXe siècle)
      in Cahiers Alsaciens d'Archéologie, d'Art et d'Histoire LIV (2011) 141-151
+ FPCA-II Opening Comments,
      in Future Professional Communication in Astronomy II (2010) 1-10
+ Compiling Biographical Encyclopediae of Astronomers,
      in Observatory 128 (2008) 495-499
+ The Progressive World Penetration of the Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center (1970-1990),
      in Organizations and Strategies in Astronomy 7 (OSA 7) (2006)
+ From Early Directories to Current Yellow-Page Services,
      in Information Handling in Astronomy - Historical Vistas (2003)
+ Advertising from Space: A Real Danger?,
      at the International Conference on Light Pollution (La Serena, March 2002)
+ Creativity in Arts and Sciences: A Survey,
      in Organizations and Strategies in Astronomy 2 (OSA 2) (2001)
+ Information Handling in Astronomy,
      in the Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics (2001)

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