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Located not far from the main station, that hotel belongs to the so-called "Luxury Collection" which, from my experience at several such places, is a catchword for old and not always practical facilities. They are ideal for tourists nostalgic of the past, but they are not advisable for professional travellers. This hotel is on a main city boulevard, in front of a stop for a number of streetcar lines busy from 04:00 to 01:00 next day. But be aware that maintenance convoys might also be heard in the so-called shutdown hours.
Upon arrival, I was offered an upgrade that did not answer the requirements expressed at booking (high floor, quiet side, no connecting door) and that are routinely fulfilled by spg facilities, especially for the elite members. I would have appreciated being informed ahead of arrival that I would not get the type of room requested. Of course, there was then a risk that I cancelled my reservation. But was it worse than the negative report I have now to make?
I was offered a choice between three rooms, the less inconvenient one being a small attic room on the front boulevard.
The goodies in the room were a small bottle of water (only for the first night), plus a bathrobe and slippers, but I did not enjoy a coffee machine, nor a newspaper delivery which are usually available to spg Platinum Preferred Guests. I had also to request a support for my suitcase.
The wireless link never made it to my laptop and I had to use a cabled connection, restricting usage to one device.
The street noises (sirens, streetcars, general traffic) were barely covered by the a/c. Earplugs are advisable for the nights.
There is no Club Lounge facility. I took all my meals, including breakfast, outside the place.
(20 August 2016)

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