Proceedings of the colloquium on the
Future Professional Communication in Astronomy
Brussels, 10-13 June 2007

(Eds. André HECK & Léo Houziaux)

The proceedings are published by the Belgian Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts
in its in 8° Memoirs series (Vol. XXVII, n° 2047, 2007, ISSN 365-0936, ISBN 978-2-8031-0238-9).
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Table of contents

(p. 7)

(pp. 9)

Welcome Address
(L. Houziaux, ARB)
(pp. 15)

Future Professional Communication in Astronomy: 
Questions and Challenges
(A. Heck/Strasbourg Obs.)
(pp. 19)

The Journals of the American Astronomical Society
(K. Marvel/AAS)
(pp. 37)

Some Statistics Regarding The Astrophysical Journal
as Published between 1990 and 2006, 
Including Comparisons with Sister Journals
(W.B. Burton/NRAO)
(pp. 47)

Learned Societies as Publishers:
The RAS and Monthly Notices
(P. Murdin/RAS)
(pp. 77)

Publishing for Learned Societies:
The Secret Life of the Scholarly Publisher
(D. Nicholson/Blackwell)
(pp. 85)

Publishing in the Next Five Years: 
A Commercial Publisher's Perspective
(H. [J.J.] Blom/Springer)
(pp. 97)

Journal Publishing in Astronomy
(D. Clark/Elsevier)
(pp. 109)

The Future of Publications in Astrophysics:
The Vision of EDP Sciences
(J.M. Quilbé/EDP Sciences)
(pp. 123)

Towards Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics
(St. Plaszczynski/LAL et al.)
(pp. 133)

The ADS Position on Open Access
(M.J. Kurtz/CfA)
(pp. 141)

Open Access: "A consommer avec modération"
(T.J. Mahoney/IAC)
(pp. 143)

Plethoric Prose vs. Salient Points
(R. Albrecht/ST-ECF)
(pp. 167)

Changing Sources for Research Literature
(H.A. Abt/KPNO)
(pp. 177)

When the Dog Must Talk to the Cat --
Communicating Science to Politicians
Science and Politics -- 
Thoughts about a Complex Relationship
(C. Madsen/ESO)
(pp. 187)

Communicating Astronomy with the Public
(L. Lindberg Christensen/ST-ECF \& P. Russo/MPISSR)
(pp. 199)

The Pluto Affair:
When Professionals Talk to Professionals with the Public Watching
(L. Lindberg Christensen/ST-ECF)
(pp. 221)

Editors' Forum
(Mod.: H.A. Abt/KPNO)
(pp. 239)

Publishers' Forum
(Mod.: T.J. Mahoney/IAC)
(pp. 243)

Notes from the Meeting
(M.F. A'Hearn/Univ. Maryland)
(pp. 247)

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