Electronic Publishing for Physics and Astronomy

(André HECK, Editor)

(Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht - ISBN 0-7923-4820-6)

Table of contents

(pp. vii-viii)

Introduction - Electronic publishing in its context
(pp. 1-10)

The impact of information technology and networks:
New perspectives for scientific, technical and medical (STM) publishing
(Arnoud de Kemp, Springer-Verlag)
(pp. 11-16)

Advanced multimedia publishing:
Where does Europe stand in the wired world?
(Franco Mastroddi, European Commission)
(pp. 17-30)

The technologies which underpin electronic publishing
(Fionn Murtagh, University of Ulster)
(pp. 31-40)

Electronic publishing:
The rôle of a large scientific society
(Benjamin Bederson & Harry Lustig, American Physical Society)
(pp. 41-53)

The AAS program of electronic publication
(Peter Boyce, American Astronomical Society)
(pp. 55-62)

The project of electronic publication of `Astronomy and Astrophysics'
(Harm J. Habing & James Lequeux, Astronomy & Astrophysics)
(pp. 63-68)

The ACM electronic publishing plan
(Peter J. Denning & Bernard Rous, Association for Computing Machinery)
(pp. 69-82)

The ACM interim copyright policy
(Peter J. Denning & Bernard Rous, Association for Computing Machinery)
(pp. 83-93)

The ICSU Press programme on electronic publishing in science
(Dennis F. Shaw, International Council of Scientific Unions Press)
(pp. 95-116)

Electronic publishing:
Economic issues in a time of transition
(Harry Lustig, American Physical Society)
(pp. 117-132)

Rights management in electronic environments
(Douglas Armati, Jackson Brevis Ltd.)
(pp. 133-144)

Protecting published science
(Edward Barrow, UK Copyright Licensing Agency)
(pp. 145-153)

Bits and bytes and still a lot of paper:
Astronomy libraries and librarians in the age of electronic publishing
(Uta Grothkopf, European Southern Observatory)
(pp. 155-174)

The rôle of data centres in the era of electronic publishing
(Daniel Egret & Françoise Genova, Strasbourg Astronomical Data Centre)
(pp. 175-188)

The digital library of the Astrophysics Data System
(Guenther Eichhorn, Center for Astrophysics)
(pp. 189-210)

Electronic yellow-page services:
The Star*s Family as an example of diversified publishing
(André Heck, Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory)
(pp. 211-220)

Electronic Publishing at Institute of Physics
(Anne Dixon, Institute of Physics Publishing)
(pp. 221-239)

A model for consortium licensing of electronic journal collections
(Johannes Menzel, Ken Metzner & Elizabeth Pope, Academic Press)
(pp. 241-250)

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