Post-Hipparcos Cosmic Candles

(André Heck & Filippina Caputo, Editors)

(Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht - ISBN 0-7923-5348-X)

Table of contents


Hipparcos: A New Basis for Calibrating Distance Indicators
(Catherine Turon, Obs. Paris, France)

Distance Determination with Cepheid Variables
(Nial R. Tanvir, Univ. Cambridge, UK)

Absolute Magnitudes Derived Using the Statistical Parallax Method
(Andrew C. Layden, Univ. Michigan, USA)

The RR Lyrae Distance Scale
(Piotr Popowski & Andrew Gould, Ohio State Univ., USA)

Mira Distances and their Use
(Michael Feast, Univ. Cape Town & Patricia Whitelock, South African Astron. Obs., South Africa)

Distances and Ages of Globular Clusters using Hipparcos Parallaxes of Local Subdwarfs
(Raffaele G. Gratton, Eugenio Carretta, Oss. Astron. Padova & Gisella Clementini, Oss. Astron. Bologna, Italy)

Globular Cluster Distance Determinations
(Brian Chaboyer, Steward Obs. & Dartmouth Coll., USA)

The Distances of the Magellanic Clouds
(Alistair Walker, Cerro Tololo Interamerican Obs., Chile)

Helium Core Flash and Tip of the Red Giant Branch Distances
(Barry F. Madore, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab. & Wendy L. Freedman, Obs. Carnegie Inst. Washington, USA)

Distances from the Planetary Nebulae Luminosity Function
(Roberto H. Mendez, Univ.-Sternw. München, Germany)

Distances from Surface Brightness Fluctuations
(John P. Blakeslee, CalTech, Edward A. Ajhar, Nat. Optical Astron. Obs. & John L. Tonry, Univ. Hawaii, USA)

Distances from the Correlation between Galaxy Luminosities and Rotation Rates
(R. Brent Tully, Univ. Hawaii, USA)

Distance Scale from Supernovae
(F. Duccio Macchetto & Nino Panagia, Space Tel. Sc. Inst., USA)

The Contribution of Microlensing Surveys to the Distance Scale
(Jean Philippe Beaulieu, Kapteyn Sterrenkundig Inst. & Willem Jan de Wit, Univ. Utrecht, Netherlands)

Stellar Evolution and Standard Candles
(Vittorio Castellani, Univ. Pisa, Italy)

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