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Excerpts of my letter dated 28 August 2000 to the hotel management, that included a picture and a dried bug in a plastic bag:
"The enclosed bug (4-5cm long before I kill it and dried it up) reminded me of my last African trip. It was one of the tenants of the room (241) where I have been accommodated in your hotel as a member of the Priority Club from August 9 to 17. Requesting about a hundred Pounds for such a room is simply outrageous and an extremely hectic schedule from my arrival to my departure is the only reason that kept me in that place.
Let me mention a few other things.
The enclosed photograph shows how black is the bottom edge of the shower curtain. Has it ever been cleaned? The picture displays also the soap dispensor. It has never been fixed properly in spite of pointing out the problem. Ditto with the drain of the sink, almost clogged. That bathroom was smelling sewage and so was the room itself since the maid was leaving the bathroom door wide open.
Air conditioning in the rooms is a reason for selecting hotels such as yours. The snag is that your personnel has obviously been trained to put the general switch in the `off' position when leaving the room, thus also switching off the air conditioning. Remember we were then at mid-August with the Sun shining on the room windows during quite a few hours.
And the list could go on, not only on the room itself, but also on the hotel in general, such as its cleanliness and noise. Nobody ever thought of telling your personnel that continuously and noisily moving (sorting out?) cutlery is not the best thing to do at breakfast time when people are still half asleep?
As a professional traveller and a regular user of the Bass Hotels facilities, let me say frankly that the room in which I was put and the corresponding services were worth a maximum of GBP 50-60, and definitely not up to the label Crowne Plaza.
An experience such as the above one would be enough to return the Priority Club card and to stick with other preferred hotels, whenever available, should one not know better. A couple of months ago, I was staying in a Holiday Inn Express in Glasgow for less than GBP 55 per night. It was much more pleasant than your place: well located, modern, friendly, efficient and clean. No bugs either.
Unless some significant amount of the accommodation charged to my AX account is reimbursed (copy of bill enclosed), your hotel will be flagged as the `worst quality/price ratio' on my web page `Hotels round the World'. We are not anymore living at the time of Messrs Rolls & Royce. [who signed their partnership in that hotel]"
It is fair to add that the hotel reimbursed part of the invoice.

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